Tree of Life Meaning

tree of life

People who have special interests in inspirational and symbolic jewelry should rather consider the tree of life necklace which is a symbol appearing in the folklore of various cultures having ties with both metaphysics and religion. Today, the tree of life has become a very common theme for spiritual, symbolic and fashion jewelry.

Tree of Life Symbolism and Jewelry

Known as an ancient symbol which has cut across cultures and religions for thousands of years, the tree of life is a symbol wisdom, knowledge and interconnection of all life. In places like ancient Egypt, artwork and jewelry had the tree of life displayed on them.

Egyptian Mythology and Jewelry

In ancient Egypt, there was a belief that the tree of life had a connection with the god Orisis, who was associated with fertility and death. The trunk was seen as the center of the universe with the roots leading to the underworld while the branches led to the heavens.


 tree of life 


Celtic Lore and Jewelry

Many years ago, the tree of life viewed by the Celts as a figure that holds all life; the roots reaching the underworld, branches stretching towards heaven and trunk resting on the earth. Celtic Druids viewed the tree as a doorway between the human world and spirit world, giving the gods the ability to communicate with their people.


The Celtic tree of life pendants is the most common with the pendant and necklace including detailed engravings of trees with abundant leaves reaching towards the sky, a broad trunk with roots firmly buried deep down into the earth. A cross is included in the tree trunk in Celtic designs while Neopagan style pendants may have a green man or the image of a woman engraved in the trunk representing the goddess.


 tree of life pendant


Chinese Folklore and Jewelry

This describes a mystical tree of life bearing fruits once every 3000 years and anybody who ate the fruit becomes immortal. The designs depicting the Chinese folklore show a tree with fruits in abundance with some pendants having symbols like yin and yang.


 tree of life necklace


Christian Biblical References and Jewelry

The Bible of the Judeo-Christian tradition describes a tree of life found in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the were cast out of the garden by God before could go to eat from the tree of life, which was supposed to make them live forever. Jewelry for the Christian tree of life ranges from simple engravings of a tree that has roots to trees that are heavily foliaged having fruits directed to the heavens and roots going into the earth. 


 tree of life jewelry

Jewish Kabbalah Teachings and Jewelry

In Jewish Kabbalah teaching, the tree of life is very prominent and is described in the Sefer Yetzire (Book of Creation), explaining creation in a precise set of letters of the Hebrew alphabet and numbers forming the “32 paths of secret wisdom.” Pendants inspired are usually based on sacred geometry concepts symbolizing joy and unity.


birthstone tree of life


African Baobab Tree and Jewelry

The baobab, grown in Africa for centuries, is referred to as the “tree of life”. There’s a Senegalese legend claiming that the baobab tree was thrown by the god Thora out of his paradise garden and it landed on earth upside down and grew. It is referred to as “tree of life” because it can store up to 4,500 liters of water in its trunk and bear fruit that has an abundance of antioxidants, calcium and vitamin C, and is used as a herbal remedy. The trunk can shelter as many as 40 people. Pendant designs are simple engraved images of baobab trees while elaborate designs have baobab trees with gemstones.

 engraved tree of life necklace

Popularity of the Tree of Life Necklaces

The tree of life is very important because of its history and meanings with its mass appeal making it a trend for jewelry. The most popular forms are necklaces and pendants with designs ranging from engravings of a tree on metal to sculpted metal tree. There are several pieces which come in yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver and other forms.

The theme of the tree of life will continue being common due to its diverse audience. The following is some picture of tree of life necklace.