Yin Yang Symbol Meaning

The Yin Yang Symbol

The Yin Yang symbol consists of a circle that is divided into a black and white section equally by a reversed looking S-shape. On the black side of the circle is a white dot while on the white side of the circle is a black dot. Each section of the tatoo has an important meaning, just as the whole yin yang sign does.

What is the Yin Yang Symbol

Yin and Yang Symbol

The Yin Yang Symbol meaning can be broken down according to each part of it. We will take a look at each segment.

The Outer Circle

The circle that lies across the Yin Yang sign is a representation of the whole universe which displays the duality of all things existing in the universe.

The Black Section

The black part, known as Yin, represents the following characteristics: passive, wet, cold, diffuse, yielding, soft and slow which are known to be relative to feminity, nighttime, moon, earth, and water.

The White Section

The white part, known as Yang, represents the following characteristics: active, dry, hot, focused, solid, hard, fast all know to be relative to masculinity, daytime, the sun, sky, and fire.

The Black and White Sections Combined

This simply represents the cynical nature of Yin and Yang, all everything it represents. The black and white are known to represent the interaction between the energies found in all beings (things).

The Small Black and White Circles

The small circles are located in the sections of their opposite colors which mean that there is nothing opposite. Each opposing force carries a small portion of the other, i.e. in Yin, there is a small portion of Yang and in Yang, and there is a small portion of Yin. This is applicable to the whole universe, for instance, in every male, there is a little femininity, in every evil, there is a little portion of good, etc. There is nothing in the whole universe that exists alone; it must coexist with the other.

The S-like Shapes

The S-shape divides the two sections but allows them to push into each other which illustrates their interdependence.

What does Yin and Yang mean?

The principles of Tao states that all beings in the universe are in constant motion. While the motion continues, one force of energy is converted to the other, which implies Yin changes to Yang and Yang changes to Yin.

The Yin Yang definition encompasses balance and harmony within the universe. These two characteristics exist in everything surrounding us and are the foundation of life since nothing exists on its own.

The concept of Yin Yang is illustrated in several media such as art, designs, images, tattoos, etc. The dualities of several natural occurrences that take place also depict the meaning of Yin Yang.

Yin Yang Tattoo Designs

There are a few popular Yin Yang tattoo designs drawn by tattoo artists all over the world. Here are a few:
yin-yang-tatoo1.Classic Yin Yang Symbols: This is simply the basic representation of the original design showing the two forces in black and white colors, within a circle. The perfect visual symmetry is displayed with the black and white dots. It simply represents the opposing forces in the universe with the aim of balancing them.

Yin Yang Lotus Symbol

2.Yin Yang Lotus Symbol: This a different but popular design using the Lotus, a pious flower revered as the seat of the Lord Buddha. This makes it an important object in the Buddhist religion. The Lotus has the concept of purity and chastity in Chinese culture making it another desired design among the Yin Yang designs.

Others are Yin Yang Heart symbols and Eye symbol.

Yin Yang Jewelry

yin and yang necklace

There are several jewelry that have the Yin Yang tatoo on them with various designs. A few of them are as follows:

1.Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Yin Yang Pendant: This nice piece depicts the Yin Yang symbol implying that not all opposing forcing have to clash but reach harmony and balance. It comes in 3 different colors: gray, blue and brown Tiger Eye stone.

2.Men’s Embossed Yin Yang Ring: Made from sterling silver, its embossed surface has the Yin Yang symbol on it.

Others are Howlite Yin Yang Earrings, Hill Tribe Yin Yang Charm Bracelet, Hand Painted Yin Yang Bracelet, etc.

The concept of Yin Yang is a very important one since the whole universe needs to be in balance or else it would cease to exist. For the hottest yin yang couples necklaces and yin yang best friend necklace you can visit this link: https://www.getpersonalizedjewelry.com/ying-yang-necklace-for-couples

The following is a video showing the story of yin and yang symbol: