Every piece from GetPersonalizedJewelry is made of precious metal and should be treated with care. Jewelries, even the most precious pure platinum and 24k gold, all requires basic care. In order to help you keep your personalized jewelry good and new, here are some tips for you. These tips are applicable to sterling silver, solid 18k gold as well as 14k gold. No matter you are searching for caring methods for bracelet, necklace, earrings or rings, you can follow the instructions here.

Daily Wear
1. Girls need to know that we should make up first and then wear the jewelry and other accessories. Cosmetics, hairspray and lotions have chemicals which can tarnish or even harm the precious jewelry metal. In order to keep your jewelry looking its best and new, you’d better put it on after having done your hair and makeup.

2. As we mention above, cosmetics have chemicals which can harm or tarnish the precious metal, so you’d better take the jewelry off when you are cleaning.

3. Do not wear the jewelry when you are swimming, showering, bathing, go jogging and other sports which might make you sweat much. There are chemicals in the pool and the soap or shampoo can also tarnish your jewelry. Too much heat and sweat can make your jewelry tarnish.

4. Evey piece of our personalized jewelry will be attached with a polishing cloth, please clean your jewelry when you take it off. If you wear with care and clean it everyday, your personalized jewelry will look new and shinning for a life long.

Storing the Jewelry
Proper storing will do wonders for keeping your jewelry looking new. We will give a pouch and jewelry box for every piece of jewelry, please keep your personalized jewelry separately in a box where it will not get tangled up with other accessories. If you do not want to wear a jewelry for a long time, you need to clean it and put it in a zip-lock bag. Zip-lock bags fold easily and can be placed easily between clothing items to provide the softness necessary to keep jewelry from developing kinks and rings from being chipped.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care
Sterling silver can be easily tarnished when exposing in air, so silver jewelry deserves extra special care. Clean the silver jewelry with an anti-tarnish cloth after each use and store it in closed jewelry box or pouch.

Solid Gold Jewelry and Gold Plated Jewelry Care
All jewelry can eventually tarnish, but your best care can make it new for a very long time. We recommend that you give your solid gold or gold plated jewelry a quick clean at every day use. We will give you the soft cleaning cloth to remove oils, sweats, fingerprints or dust that have accumulated from daily wear. And we highly recommend you to do a deep clean for the jewelry once a week. What is deep clean? Here you go: use a cup of warm water with mild liquid soap and let your jewelry piece soak for 2 minutes. Clean and try your jewelry with the soft cloth.

A piece of personalized jewelry with your initials, monograms or nameplate makes the meaningful item and unique gift for all. So treat it with care and it will last for a lifetime or becomes an estate jewelry.