Personalized Sterling Silver Cuff Makes Great Gift for Couples

This silver cuff bracelet is made from the most exquisite quality silver material. It is a hammered silver cuff bracelet, which further accentuates its feel and beauty. Just like all other products on our website, this sterling silver cuff bracelet can be personalized as well.

It is crafted out of S990 sterling silver, which is well known to be one of the purest forms of silver available. As far as the personalization is concerned, there are several things you can choose from to have engraved on this bracelet. The list includes any name, dates, symbols, or words.

The most fascinating thing about this product is that it can also be purchased as a couple’s bracelet or love bracelet. You simply have to buy two cuffs and provide the instructions that you want to get on each of them. This is definitely ideal if you wish to engrave any specific date or symbol, or even names of you and your loved one on the cuffs.

The significance of this hammered silver cuff bracelet can certainly be estimated by the fact that the sterling silver it has been manufactured out of is one of the most delicate materials used for craftsmanship with supreme precision. As such, needless to say, it is a highly invaluable gift that you can give to yourself or a close one.

Similar to every other personalized jewelry item available for purchase on, this silver cuff bracelet is priced at a considerably affordable rate to make sure you don’t have to break the bank if you wish to purchase.

If you aren’t sure as to what you would like to have engraved on the bracelet, you can always get in touch with us and we’ll give you plenty of ideas for engravings to choose from.

Engrave your anniversary date, birthday, name, star signs on a silver cuff, personalized!