how to choose necklace chain

How long should my necklace chain be?
Sometimes you wear a turtleneck sweater, sometimes you wear sexy dress and you need the chain length to adjust with your outfit. So you need to know what length chain fits your usually outfit. The necklace chain determines where on your body the pendant sits, so you need to choose the length that is right for you.

Our necklace chains arranges from 14″ to 32″ long, which means your pendant drops from high up on your collarbone to your lower chest. We also have adjustable chain which can be adjusted from 14″ to 20″, which fits most of your daily outfits.

For regular necklace chain length, you need to first decide where you would like your pendant sits. Once you have decided the pendant place, take a long piece of string and loop around your necklace. Close the string at the point on your chest where you would like the pendant to sit. Open the string and measure its length, that should be your chain length!

how to measure chain

Step 1: Choose where the pendant sits
Step 2: Use a string to loop your necklace and close at the place where you want the pendant sits.
Step 3: Measure the string. String length should be your chain length.

Please note the chain length you got should not include the pendant size. On our website as well as most jewelry sites, the chain lengths mentioned do not include the pendant size. Most of our pendants length is from 0.5 inch to 3 inch(which will be marked on the product page), so the total length of your personalized jewelry item will be the length of your selected chain length plus the pendant length.

For example,if you choose a pendant which is 2 inch long and a 16 in chain, it means the total length of the necklace should be 18 inch.
chain length   how to choose necklace chain

how to choose necklace chain
how to choose necklace chain