Necklace Chain Types

When buying a necklace or bracelet, you usually come across a question “what is this chain type?” Do not worry, today we are going to show you the most common chain types in this post.

Chains have been an important jewelry accessory since very ancient time. In early times, humans craft metals intol decorative chains to wear on neck, wrist or ankle. As times goes by, jewelry making technology advanced and there are many different types of chains were created. Today, let us take a look at some of the most popular ones!

Rollo Chain

rollo chain
Rollo chain, sometimes spells as rolo chain, is one of the most popular chain type for pendant necklace worldwide. A rollo chain uses symmetrical links which are joined together to creat a chain. Rollo chains are sturdy to hang pendants and charms. The rollo chain offers a polish, simple look which requires little decoration. Here at GetPersonalizedJewelry, we have sterling silver rollo chain, 18k gold plated rollo chain and solid 14k gold rollo chain. The rollo chains are not sold separately on our site.

Box Chain

box chain
As the name suggests, box chain looks like a continuing link of small boxes. A box chain utilizes small square links connected to create a smooth chain. Box chain is also called Venetian Chain. This type of chain is so durable and versatile that they are most commonly used for pendant necklaces. A big venetian chain is also very popular to wear alone without any decoration or pendant charms.

Twist Chain

The twist chain is a variation of Rope Chain which consists of long oval links joint together to create a twisted rope. The woven look of a twist chain makes it look solid, sparkling and strong. The biggest disadvantage of a twist chain is that it might clip your hair.

Figaro Chain

figaro chain
Figaro chain is very popular in men’s jewelry necklace. A figaro chain uses alternating small circular links and large rectangular links connected to created an elaborate design. Usually men wear figaro chain alone on neck or wrist without charm or pendant. Women’s figaro chains are usually more dedicate and slender than men’s figro chain. Gold figaro chains are the most popular among women and men. Most jewelers use figaro chain for necklace without pendant or as bracelet.

Bead Chain

Bead chain is also called ball chain, which consists of continuing small balls connected to each other to create a chain. Bead chain is perfect for pendant because it makes the pendant sit at a fixed place. Bead chains can not be folded, otherwise, it can be broken.