Monogram and Monogramming

Today we see a lot of items with monograms on them such as monogrammed gifts, jewelry and much more with classic monogrammed initials being a very popular choice. Despite the use of computerized embroidery machines, laser engravers, permanent inks and others, the personalized monogram seems to be a popular way people still use to add ownership and sophistication to their personal accessories.

Therefore, what is a monogram? How did it start and what makes it so popular? Well, the answers would take us back to thousands of years back. Monogram is a design which incorporates 2 or more letters somehow connected. These letters can be just arranged in a striking way, interlocked or surrounded by a border or artwork. It can also be described as an object which adds style or marks ownership on an item.

Monogramming dates back to the 6th century BC, an era where coins were stamped with rulers initials just to prove authenticity. It is believed that King Charlemagne established the monogram the way it is known today. His initials were used to communicate his power to his country during the era of his military conquests. This led to other military and royalty leaders to adopt monogram letters as a symbol of wealth and power. Also during the middle ages, artists and merchants also started adopting the monogram initials for the proper identification of their works so as to distinguish it from others.

During the Victorian Era, monograms became more of a symbol of ownership and social status of which it is still being used until today.

How to monogram
Monograms can be complicated but can actually make a statement. They put a personal spin on all your items like tote bags, silverware, cufflinks, pillows, attires, and others. But the important thing to know is how to monogram because there is a certain order the initials are supposed to be. Mastering this order is the important thing. If you are able to understand this, the options available to you are limitless.

Let’s see the different ways on how to monogram:


1. Traditional Monogram
If the initials involved here are for an individual, the first name initial comes first followed by the last name which traditionally occupies the center and lastly the middle name.


2. 3-Letter Monogram
As stated above, the first name initial comes first, followed by the last name and middle name initials.

3. 2-Letter Monogram
If there is no middle name, the order of initials would be the first and last names of the same size.

4. Double Name Monogram
This is usually used by married women. However, a lot of them are not really sure of how the order should be. The double name initials are followed by the married name initial which should be the same size and then the maiden name initial. The double name initials are the same size when stacked as the maiden name while the married name initial in the center is going to be the largest.

5. Multiple Middle Name Monogram
If you have several names, your monogram starts with your first name initial, followed by your middle name initials and then your last name initial which should all be the same size.

6. Traditional Couple Monogram
This is majorly used by newly wedded couples. The female’s first name initial should come first followed by the last name initial and then the male’s first name initial. The initial in the middle is larger than the other 2.

7. Double Last Name Couple
If both individuals decide to retain their last names, then this is used. The monogram starts with the lady’s first and last initials, then followed by the man’s first and last name initials. The 2 last name initials are larger than the other 2.

8. Hyphenated Last Name Monogram
For people whose last names are hyphenated, the first name initial comes first, followed by the 2 last name initials and ends with the middle name initial. Both last names in the center would be larger than the others.

Monograms are used in various places such as logos, apparels, currency, and many others. These days, monogram jewelry are even customized according to a customer’s desire. Wherever you decide to put your monogram, just know that you are making a big statement for yourself.