Infinity Symbol Meaning

Jewelry pieces incorporating the infinity design have increased in popularity due to the symbol’s elegance and beauty. The infinity symbol appears like the number eight resting on its side, but the spiritual meaning and significance of this ancient symbol has nothing to do with the numeral. The infinity symbol is multifaceted in meaning, which makes it so unique. To some, the infinity symbolizes everlasting love and eternity. Others feel drawn to the infinity because in ancient times it symbolized perfection, empowerment and duality.

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The Mathematical Concept of Infinity

John Wallis, an English mathematician back in the 17th Century, originally introduced the infinity symbol, which is so popular today. This simple shape and image, was originally called the Lemniscate by ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians, which meant “ribbon.” Wallis resurrected this symbol when he was looking for a shape to signify the mathematical concept of a quantity larger than any number or infinity. The word “infinity” is derived from “infinitas”, which means “boundlessness” in Latin. 

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Infinity in Various Cultures

Throughout the centuries and in different cultures the infinity symbol has been used to signify different ideas and concepts. In the ancient cultures of India and Tibet, the symbol represented dualism, perfection, and the equality of men and women. In the Tarot, a form of the occult, the infinity symbol is displayed on the Magician card to represent the balance or equilibrium of surrounding forces. The symbol also appears quite often in a variety of knot designs used by the mystical Celtics. Celtic knots have no beginning or end, just like the infinity symbol.

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Why theInfinity Design is So Popular Infinity jewelry conveys the meaning of forever. Because the symbol has no beginning or end and can be drawn in a single continuous movement, the infinity symbol represents infinite possibilities with no limitations. Although the concept of forever or infinity cannot be truly comprehended, it signifies the desire or wish for something, like love, to be everlasting. Because of this, many couples choose this design to symbolize their love and commitment, some even have the infinity symbol tattooed on their skin. Because the infinity symbol is so closely associated with love and even friendship, this makes infinity jewelry the ideal gift for lovers to bestow on one another and for someone to give a best friend.

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