How to Monogram

What is Monogram
A monogram is a motif of initials letters combines or interwoven in a decorative design. Traditional monograms are made of one to three letters, but modern monograms can be more than four initials. Usually monogram is used to identify a personal possession or as team or company logo. Monogrammed jewelry items became popular since celebrities were seen in monogram necklaces, earrings and more.

How to Monogram

Confused about the monogram order when choosing a monogram jewelry item? Here is a guide how to monogram. A monogram is typically structured with the last name as the large initial in the center, the first name initial on the left, and the right initial is the middle name. Jenny Rachel Wilson would be monogrammed in order: JWR.

how to monogram

 How to Monogram

Monogram for Couples

It might be a little bit different for newly married or engaged couples when choosing monogram necklace or monogrammed ring. What is the order for a new bride when she wants to include her husband’s initial? Do not worry, we will show you how to monogram a meaning necklace or ring! The letter on the left should be the initial of the bride’s first name; the letter on the right should be the groom’s first name initial; and the middle letter should be the couple’s last name. For example Annie and Damon Norton would be:AND.

monogram for couples

Monogram Order for New Bride

Monogram a special gift for him
His Birthday is coming,wondering to buy some special gift for him? Why not make a monogram cuff links, monogrammed ring or monogram initial cuff for him? Cuffs and single earring are very host among young men.You can choose to engrave your name and his name on a cuffs and link both names with his initials in monogram design.

Monogrammed Gifts for Kids
Kids always like something special and unique, and any child would be happy to have their own personalized monogram pendant or bracelet. Small monogram necklaces either in sterling silver, alyric, 14k gold or gold plated make the amazing gifts for kids. How to monogram a necklace for kids? It follows the same instruction of the traditional monogram design. First name on left, last name in the middle, and the middle name on the right.

small monogram necklace for kids

Small Monogram Necklace for Kids

Monogram mother’s necklace
Moms always want to keep kids close to her heart. The idea of wearing a necklace of kids’s names on it makes every Mom happy and excited. A monogram necklace with kids initials is especially popular among people who have two or more kids. You can monogram left letter as your first kid’s name and the right letter the second kid’s name, while the middle letter your family name. If you have three kids, you can monogram all their initials in the order you like. Do not forget, nowadays you can even have 4 initial monogram necklace.

4 initials monogram necklace

4 initial monogram necklace

The perfect gift for all
Personalized with one’s initials, a monogrammed necklace will be the most stylish and amazing gift ever. No matter this gift is for yourself or someone else! A monogram necklace made of solid 14k or 18k gold is even a precious gift for the recipient who might cherish it for a lifetime. Now you have known what is a monogram and how to monogram, shop some monogrammed necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings as gifts for the coming Christmas!


Where to buy Monogram Jewelry
For gold monogram necklace, we recommend that you take a look at the solid gold monogram necklace collection from GetPersonalizedJewelry. Also check out our Monogram online buying guide and new monogram earrings styles.


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