Gold Filled vs Gold Plated

Diamonds are known to be girl’s best friend, however; gold has always been the main symbol of beauty and elegance for both men and women. There is various terminology used when buying jewelry such as gold plated, gold filled and solid gold, which is all used to describe pieces of gold jewelry. The most expensive among the lot is solid gold because it is the purest with the highest quality. The next in ranking is gold filled because it is cheaper but still a valuable alternative while gold plated is cheapest which gives jewelry that gold appearing.

solid gold

Solid Gold
As stated earlier, this is the highest in quality and purity, its value is in its shine and radiant color. Another great feature is that it doesn’t fade or tarnish with time. However, solid gold may not be the best option when shopping for jewelry because it is soft and malleable, qualities which are not recommended for jewelry used on a daily basis.

Normally, gold is mixed with other metals to make it an alloy so as to produce a stronger metal of which the alloys are cheaper than pure gold since the gold karat (gold purity measure) reduces. The advantage with this is that the alloys retain the properties of solid gold such as color, shine, doesn’t tarnish, etc.

gold filled

Gold Filled

Purchasing a gold filled jewelry is more economical than purchasing solid gold and a very good option. Gold filled jewelry is created by jewelers by pressure bonding the main layer of gold to that of another metal. Gold filled is not solid gold but it retains the desirable properties of solid gold.
It doesn’t tarnish or fade and people who have sensitive skin to certain metals can wear it because it doesn’t cause any form of allergy. However, it should be noted that the gold layer of gold filled pieces vary depending on how it is manufactured but in most cases thicker than gold plating. Jewelry that is gold filled can be worn on a daily basis without having to worry about fading or tarnishing for a very long time. 

Gold Plating
For people who are obsessed with wearing jewelry but have a tight budget, gold plated jewelry is the best option for them. It gives one the opportunity to purchase any nice looking necklace or bracelet without spending too much. It is made by using chemicals or electricity to deposit and bond a thin gold layer which breaks it down. Tips on how to prolong gold plated jewelry life can be gotten on “Tips On Caring For Your Gold Plated Jewelry”

gold filled vs gold plated

Gold Filled vs Gold Plated: What should you buy?

If you are still pondering on which of them to buy, then you should consider several factors. Solid gold and its alloys have a high price tag but are very good gifts for special people. Also, since sold gold retains its value for a lifetime, it is a great investment. Gold filled is also a great option, although not as valuable as solid gold, can be presented as a gift as well. Gold plated jewelry, on the other hand, shouldn’t be discredited because it gives people with a low budget the chance to keep up with the latest trend. However, people wearing it should be ready to face the consequences of it losing its shining and shimmer when it starts fading.