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Beautify Your Jewelry Collection with These Unique and Charming Earrings

Earrings are definitely the best accessories to accentuate your style. Simple and elegant, they can easily add a refreshing look to your dressing, and they’re awesome additions to your overall fashion ensemble.

To wit, why not keep an eye out for the following awesome pieces on your next Saudi online shopping escapade?

The Chinese Name Stud Earrings

These earrings show your name- but in Chinese translations. It is actually the first unique design of name plated on earrings, and it can be personalized with basically any Chinese letter. You get one character per earring, so you don’t need to worry about monotony. Available colors include Sterling Silver, Gold Plated, 14k gold and 18k gold.

Engraved Monogram Stud Earrings

These engraved stud earrings will definitely make you the talk of the town. These monograms can be engraved with up to three initials- which ever you choose. Being pated with 0.925 Sterling Silver, you can rest assured of their allure and appeal any day.

Initial Monogram Earrings

If what you are in search of is a beautiful and an elegant look, then why not choose to show of your unique taste and personality with the Initial Monogram Earrings?

These earrings have been designed to show off your initials, so feel free to enjoy something that both looks beautiful and bears a feeling of ownership. Crafted with 0.925 Sterling Silver, these earrings will definitely have you looking fly!

Monogram Initial Earrings

Show off your amazing style and a sense of class with a set of alluring monogram initial stud earrings that have been engraved with whatever initial that you choose. They’re crafted with Sterling Silver and have been properly polished to provide a shiny finish, so you can also have a feel of excusive and unique jewelry.

Block Monogram Stud Earrings

These earrings are crafted to accommodate up to three characters on one ear, so feel free to get as many as you want they’re plated with Sterling Silver, so you can count on them for that allure.

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Monogram and Monogramming

Today we see a lot of items with monograms on them such as monogrammed gifts, jewelry and much more with classic monogrammed initials being a very popular choice. Despite the use of computerized embroidery machines, laser engravers, permanent inks and others, the personalized monogram seems to be a popular way people still use to add ownership and sophistication to their personal accessories.

Therefore, what is a monogram? How did it start and what makes it so popular? Well, the answers would take us back to thousands of years back. Monogram is a design which incorporates 2 or more letters somehow connected. These letters can be just arranged in a striking way, interlocked or surrounded by a border or artwork. It can also be described as an object which adds style or marks ownership on an item.

Monogramming dates back to the 6th century BC, an era where coins were stamped with rulers initials just to prove authenticity. It is believed that King Charlemagne established the monogram the way it is known today. His initials were used to communicate his power to his country during the era of his military conquests. This led to other military and royalty leaders to adopt monogram letters as a symbol of wealth and power. Also during the middle ages, artists and merchants also started adopting the monogram initials for the proper identification of their works so as to distinguish it from others.

During the Victorian Era, monograms became more of a symbol of ownership and social status of which it is still being used until today.

How to monogram
Monograms can be complicated but can actually make a statement. They put a personal spin on all your items like tote bags, silverware, cufflinks, pillows, attires, and others. But the important thing to know is how to monogram because there is a certain order the initials are supposed to be. Mastering this order is the important thing. If you are able to understand this, the options available to you are limitless.

Let’s see the different ways on how to monogram:


1. Traditional Monogram
If the initials involved here are for an individual, the first name initial comes first followed by the last name which traditionally occupies the center and lastly the middle name.


2. 3-Letter Monogram
As stated above, the first name initial comes first, followed by the last name and middle name initials.

3. 2-Letter Monogram
If there is no middle name, the order of initials would be the first and last names of the same size.

4. Double Name Monogram
This is usually used by married women. However, a lot of them are not really sure of how the order should be. The double name initials are followed by the married name initial which should be the same size and then the maiden name initial. The double name initials are the same size when stacked as the maiden name while the married name initial in the center is going to be the largest.

5. Multiple Middle Name Monogram
If you have several names, your monogram starts with your first name initial, followed by your middle name initials and then your last name initial which should all be the same size.

6. Traditional Couple Monogram
This is majorly used by newly wedded couples. The female’s first name initial should come first followed by the last name initial and then the male’s first name initial. The initial in the middle is larger than the other 2.

7. Double Last Name Couple
If both individuals decide to retain their last names, then this is used. The monogram starts with the lady’s first and last initials, then followed by the man’s first and last name initials. The 2 last name initials are larger than the other 2.

8. Hyphenated Last Name Monogram
For people whose last names are hyphenated, the first name initial comes first, followed by the 2 last name initials and ends with the middle name initial. Both last names in the center would be larger than the others.

Monograms are used in various places such as logos, apparels, currency, and many others. These days, monogram jewelry are even customized according to a customer’s desire. Wherever you decide to put your monogram, just know that you are making a big statement for yourself.


How to Monogram

What is Monogram
A monogram is a motif of initials letters combines or interwoven in a decorative design. Traditional monograms are made of one to three letters, but modern monograms can be more than four initials. Usually monogram is used to identify a personal possession or as team or company logo. Monogrammed jewelry items became popular since celebrities were seen in monogram necklaces, earrings and more.

How to Monogram

Confused about the monogram order when choosing a monogram jewelry item? Here is a guide how to monogram. A monogram is typically structured with the last name as the large initial in the center, the first name initial on the left, and the right initial is the middle name. Jenny Rachel Wilson would be monogrammed in order: JWR.

how to monogram

 How to Monogram

Monogram for Couples

It might be a little bit different for newly married or engaged couples when choosing monogram necklace or monogrammed ring. What is the order for a new bride when she wants to include her husband’s initial? Do not worry, we will show you how to monogram a meaning necklace or ring! The letter on the left should be the initial of the bride’s first name; the letter on the right should be the groom’s first name initial; and the middle letter should be the couple’s last name. For example Annie and Damon Norton would be:AND.

monogram for couples

Monogram Order for New Bride

Monogram a special gift for him
His Birthday is coming,wondering to buy some special gift for him? Why not make a monogram cuff links, monogrammed ring or monogram initial cuff for him? Cuffs and single earring are very host among young men.You can choose to engrave your name and his name on a cuffs and link both names with his initials in monogram design.

Monogrammed Gifts for Kids
Kids always like something special and unique, and any child would be happy to have their own personalized monogram pendant or bracelet. Small monogram necklaces either in sterling silver, alyric, 14k gold or gold plated make the amazing gifts for kids. How to monogram a necklace for kids? It follows the same instruction of the traditional monogram design. First name on left, last name in the middle, and the middle name on the right.

small monogram necklace for kids

Small Monogram Necklace for Kids

Monogram mother’s necklace
Moms always want to keep kids close to her heart. The idea of wearing a necklace of kids’s names on it makes every Mom happy and excited. A monogram necklace with kids initials is especially popular among people who have two or more kids. You can monogram left letter as your first kid’s name and the right letter the second kid’s name, while the middle letter your family name. If you have three kids, you can monogram all their initials in the order you like. Do not forget, nowadays you can even have 4 initial monogram necklace.

4 initials monogram necklace

4 initial monogram necklace

The perfect gift for all
Personalized with one’s initials, a monogrammed necklace will be the most stylish and amazing gift ever. No matter this gift is for yourself or someone else! A monogram necklace made of solid 14k or 18k gold is even a precious gift for the recipient who might cherish it for a lifetime. Now you have known what is a monogram and how to monogram, shop some monogrammed necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings as gifts for the coming Christmas!


Where to buy Monogram Jewelry
For gold monogram necklace, we recommend that you take a look at the solid gold monogram necklace collection from GetPersonalizedJewelry. Also check out our Monogram online buying guide and new monogram earrings styles.


What Kind of Personalized Gift is Good?

Monogram jewelry, such as monogrammed necklace, bracelets, earrings and rings make the perfect personalized gift for all occasions. For this November, GetPersonalizedJewelry.com is providing great discount for their personalized jewelries such as name necklaces, nameplate bracelets, monogram necklaces, initial jewelries and more! What’s more, they offer Free Gift Box and Free shipping worldwide!

A monogrammed jewelry piece is a kind of accessory that holds the initials of someone’s name or initial of a special sentence. In a personalized nameplate necklace all the characters of a person’s name appear on the pendant, but only 1-3 initials for monogrammed bracelets and necklaces. It has continued from a few decades ago in the fashionable form of advertising.

Many choices might come into your mind when you are thinking what is the best gift you for your family members or beloved one, we suggest you consider the personalized necklace with names or initials. Almost everyone wants to get unique and classic gift and we believe everyone wants to see their own name or initials on the necklace if the gift is a jewelry piece. Gold monogam jewelry or rose gold name necklaces will added more value when it comes to fashion necklace that they will wear in the several parties, special occasions or for daily use.

What is a Monogram Jewelry?
A monogram is a symbol of 1-3 initials in twisted design. A monogram jewelry piece is a kind of necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings that hold the initials of individuals who wearing it. For recent decade, a small personalized monogrammed jewelry piece is also a fashionable item for the new generation kids and adults also love them as well. Usually jewelers craft the monogram jewelry pieces out of 0.925 sterling silver, 14k solid gold, 18k solid gold or even platinum. The gold monogram necklace, gold name necklace and gold initial necklace are one of the bestsellers nowadays. For less budget, you can also choose the Gold Plating Silver name jewelries and monogram jewelries. Gold plating jewelries are not only affordable, but also have high quality and value. There are many designs of monogram jewelry, but the monogrammed necklace available at http://www.getpersonalizedjewelry.com/jewelry-collections/monogram-jewelry.html is one of the best, because after wearing them, they will be exposed and near to the heart.

Why Customized Monogram Jewelry Makes the Best present
Jewelry is one of the most popular items for gift ideas. A personalized jewelry is something has value and meaning. A valuable personalized jewelry with names, initials, words and special symbols make the most meaningful item as a special gift. A precious metal jewelry such as 14K solid gold and 18K solid gold monogram jewelry and name jewelry even make the estate jewelry for you to pass to your grand children.

A monogram necklace has one’s initials in beautiful monogram design.To get one you have to order in advance which means that the person who will receive it know that you are cared about him. As we know, a monogrammed bracelet is conceivably one of the few pieces that, like by women, men and kids also.

The metals you use decides the price of the jewelry. Sterling silver is the most popular but affordable precious metal choice for personalized jewelry. The main work that have with it is naming itself, so you can get an attractive monogrammed necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings that made with the highest quality materials in the affordable price.

If you want to gift a personalized monogram necklace to your kids, friends, family members or beloved ones, just make an order with the name of your sibling dress up on a pendant that is also the part of the necklace itself. It makes a powerful impact on your sibling about you.

For matching monogram earrings, browse: http://www.getpersonalizedjewelry.com/personalized-earrings/monogram-earrings.html

Personalized Jewelry Gives Fashionable Looks

People love to do fashion and for this they try so many different things to look adorable and gorgeous. Women are dreaming about looking like a princess and to do it they struggle hard to get all the things perfect. It is true that jewelry plays a vital role in making a person look beautiful and adorable. Silver and gold is the most common type of ornament that is being used in the jewelry. The concept of monogram necklace is getting more famous now days as girls love to have jewelry like this in their jewelry boxes. Women are emotional and they love to have these kinds of pendants and necklace from their love one’s on the eve of valentine or prom. There are a lot of websites available on the internet that are dealing with these kinds of necklace and pendants, you can take a good idea from these websites and look gorgeous at each and every occasion.
GetPersonalizedJewelry.com is one of the best places to get your monogram necklace on reasonable and affordable rate.
For women who want to look simple and stylish these monogram pendants are appealing choice. this jewelry is best for the women who do not like to wear many accessories. It enhances the personality, persona and individuality. These inconceivable beauties are very uncommon, precious, and stunning, most special thing is that they are naturally beautiful. It is a specific element in every woman’s collection. As they are so natural so their prices are very high but these monogram necklace give value to the money one being spend. Monogram necklace is considered one of most delightful gift for mother and for a special one.

In fact every woman wants to look adorable and beautiful by wearing such jewelry. This is on the top and of best quality. It is made from choosy shiny jewels other than silver jewelry, gold jewelry and diamond jewelry. It truly improves the women’s style and attraction when come into view around the neck as necklace. It is accessible in different types of shades and colors such as glowing shades, in milk color, off-white, grey and cream white color. Most accessible kind is glowing shade of it. Monogram necklace is a top choice when it comes to style and fashion. You might have seen different top celebs across the globe that has used this necklace to show their love towards this jewelry. So as a fashion icon you can select this piece of jewelry and look adorable and stylish.

monogram earrings set
monogram earrings set

There are many websites where you can find different style and shapes of this monogram earrings. You can also place customize order for your necklace. As there is variety of different options in necklace, you can get the best piece of jewelry for yourself. Place your order today and buy the best one for you.

Personalized Monogram Necklace is Women’s Favorite

It is a worldly truth that women want to keep elegant and fashionable, so they usually spend hours to find the perfect jewelry. Necklaces for women are very demanding piece of jewelry that almost every woman has some in their jewelry box. In order to be unique and stylish, nowadays, women look for personalized jewelry. Monogram necklace which has one’s initials is one of the most exciting custom jewelry items that women want to keep in their jewelry box.

It is the dream of every girl to look gorgeous and beautiful on each and every occasion. It is true and the necklace is regarded as one of the most important fashion accessory, no doubt these necklaces can enhance the personality of the women. The trend is changing now a day’s and more and more people are demanding the necklace with monogram. In some of the cases the necklace is designed with the first alphabet of the first name but it may differ as well. You can also get customized design for the necklace. Women love to have a necklace with personalized designed as they look elegant and beautiful on the women. These necklaces are not only meant for girls only boys can also have this kind of necklace as they look cool on boys.

silver monogram necklace
silver monogram necklace

A sterling silver monogram necklace is an elegant choice when it comes to jewelry. Women are more in love to have such kind of jewelry and they do have a good collection of these necklaces and pendants. It would be a perfect joy for the women when her boyfriend or husband gifts the monogram necklace to the women. It shows love for the women as it shows loyalty and affection towards the women. There are a lot of ways a person can get the necklace with customized design. These necklaces are not only made for girls only, there is a wide range of personalize necklace available in the market for boys as well. Mostly the boys tend to wear a necklace with the name or first alphabet of their name, but the girls’ choice may differ as they can select a customize design or name of celebrity as well. So get your necklace today and look gorgeous.

There are a lot of designs and colors available in necklaces. People mostly love to have monogram necklace in their collection as they look sweet and awesome on girls specially. The trend of having customized monogram necklace is getting popularity among the boys as well so demand for customized necklace in ever growing. These necklaces can easily be made available in material like silver and gold but you could also have an artificial type of necklace as well. Women would love to receive the personalize necklaces from the loved one on the special occasion of valentine or Christmas. You can also get many designs from the internet for your necklace as well.

Custom Monogram Necklace Gives Your Jewel a Personal Touch

Monogram necklace are one of the perfect way to provide your personal touch to the jewellery. It is one way in which you can provide the much required personal presence on that.

Monogram jewellery provides the name of your loved ones on the jewellery. It can be the perfect gift to give. Monogram necklace is an obvious piece of life. From the wedding band on your left hand to the neckband went down from your extraordinary grandma, adornments pieces influence everyday presence. Subsequent to bumbling through an imperative meeting at work, the ring on your finger given to you by a treasured companion can give an astounding measure of solace.

Then again, regarding the matter of altered adornments, the nostalgic and enthusiastic quality is significantly more noteworthy. Realizing that you’re strolling around with a precisely and carefully made bit of the earth given to you by somebody you adore—whether that individual is yourself or relative—is incredibly excellent. Notwithstanding the unparalleled passionate advantages of customization, there are rationale based advantages also.

Unique and Special Gifts

At the point when Monogram necklace are made, workmanship is conceived. The adornments originator meets expectations intently with both the customer and the materials. As such, top of the line craftsmanship is included. From slicing gemstones to situating them, a quality fashioner is included from the earliest starting point of the procedure until the end. Redone adornments are finished by hand and the outcome mirrors the time, exertion, and aptitude included. Rather than adornments, the outcome is wearable craftsmanship. Notwithstanding quality craftsmanship, the client is personally included.

Personalised Gifts

Monogram necklace considers opportunity of outline. At the point when scanning through an architect’s collection of work, you may see two or even three outlines that identify with you. As opposed to being compelled to pick between them, redid configuration takes into consideration another creation through and through. Through close work with an adornments creator, different plans can be used to make the bit you had always wanted. Furthermore, plans that are not yet made can be realized. On the off chance that you know the precise wedding band you need for your future wife, however are not able to discover it, customization is the best choice. A capable adornments fashioner will have the capacity to make the ideal ring.

Whether you need to make an altered bit of monogram necklace for yourself or somebody you cherish, the outcome is ensured to be rousing. In any case, even past, the procedure of working with a planner to make your custom piece will be something you’ll always remember. There are monogram which are present o each and every kind of jewellery.

custom monogram necklaceOpersonalized.com is an online jewelry store for all kinds of personalized jewelry including monogram jewelry, nameplate jewelry, initial jewelry, engraved jewelry as well as personalized bar jewelry. You can choose personalized necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets and even more from this jeweler. There are sterling silver jewelry collection, yellow gold jewelry collection as well as rose gold jewelry collection. Everything can be personalized as you require!

A piece of Monogram Jewelry Makes Perfect Gift

Monogram necklace permits you to make a bit of gems as one of a kind as your own particular unique relationship. There are numerous advantages to picking custom adornments instead of “off the rack” pieces.

Settling on whether to buy custom gems relies on upon individual contemplations. There is no preventing the offer from claiming wearing adornments that nobody else possesses, and having something that is really remarkable and unique.

You’ve got the one and only

Most important,the excellence of monogram necklace is that its stand-out. Nobody else will ever own anything like it. You’ll regret confront that humiliating snippet of strolling into a supper party with a bit of adornments you are glad for just to put a beautiful and classic one like it worn by another person. Like an extraordinary bit of craftsmanship,personalized monogram jewelry piece without anyone else’s input as the main thing of its kind. It’s more individual when you know your wendding rings is so gorgeous in light of the fact that its flawlessly one of a kind and all your own.

monogram necklace

Conceive brand new ideas

Making your own particular personalized jewelry permits you to think outside about the crate, making your own particular custom fit with any stone you’d like. Precious stones may be a young lady’s closest companion; however that doesn’t mean she’s constrained to wearing just jewels. When you make your own particular custom adornments, you are allowed to utilize any stone you’d like, whatever strikes your extravagant. Look over sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and so forth. On the off chance that you cherish precious stones, yet at the same time need something fascinating, picking shaded precious stones is an incredible approach to add some flare to your custom gems piece.

Reproduce family legacies

You may have monogram necklace or metals from family legacies that you’d like to blend into your adornments to give it an association with custom and the past. This is a brilliant thought on the off chance that you have a bit of adornments that has stunning and high quality, however a configuration you don’t care for. You can keep the gems in the family by reproducing an altogether new piece in light of the convention of the old. It’s an extraordinary approach to go down conventions while including your own.

Make a sentimental or cherishing bond

In the event that you are searching for a dash of sentiment, custom gems is an awesome approach to make him or her vibe uncommon and one of a kind. There’s nobody like your beau or life partner, so why not make their solitaire engagement ring novel? Monogram necklace is an amazing present in the middle of partners and companions since it makes an exceptional association that is one of a kind to the couple. It can likewise be an awesome approach to bond with companions and kids, since you will be the main ones who offer the gems pieces.