Common Jewelry Symbols Meaning

lotus flower

What Does Lotus Flower Mean?
The lotus flower meaning changes according to different religions and cultures. The Egyption people believed the lotus flower is associated with the sun because the lotus flower retracts at night and emerges beautifully the next morning. In buddism counties, such as Thailand, Sri Lanka and China, the lotus flower is a symbolism of purity, spiritual awakening, and exactness. Because the lotus flower grows in the dirty and dark waters and then transforms into a beautiful pink and white flower, so in Buddhism, it is a symbol of something very clean and pure. The lotus flower has the similar meaning in Hinduism, which symbolize spirituality, affluence, fruitfullness, attractiveness, purity and eternity. In Asian countries, the lotus flower jewelry items are very common. Usually it can be engraved on a necklace, or a lotus flower necklace in silver or gold. Mainly it means purity, beauty and eternity for lotus flower jewelry pieces.

buddhaWhat Does Buddha Mean in Jewelry?
Buddha is a Sanskrit word which means “The Awakened One”. The symbolism meaning of Buddha in jewelry pieces means protection, awakening sense, and real joy. The real person of Buddha represents Siddhartha who is an ancient Indian prince born in 563 B.C. He gave up the throne and renounced his royal upbring with his luxury lifestyle to devote his life to seeking for the Truth. Siddhartha first met with the most reputed religious teachers and sought guidance from them. He studied for more than eight years with these teachers and lifed all the ignorance and then he started his journey again to achieve true piece and joy by teaching more people of his time. His lifelong teaching is called “Dharma”. By wearing a Buddha jewelry means the person gets protection from Buddha and he is studing to gain true wisdom, see reality and believes in Buddha.

ankhWhat Does Ankh Mean?
The Ankh meaning changes because different religion and cultures interprete it differently. In Egyption, people believe that the Ankh represents the Nile. There are a great amount of portrays show many Egyption gods holding the Ankh by its loops. One belief of the Ankh is that it represents eternal life. Another meaning of the Ankh is refered to the Crux Ansata which means the key of life. Some people also believed that the Ankh is a symbol of power to sustain the person holding it. People who wear the Ankh pendant or jewelry piece in Ankh design are supposed to have a long life.

omWhat Does “OM” Mean?
The Om is a Sanskrit word, which means Creation, Gold and the Oneness of all creation. Om is most commonly used in Buddism and Hinddusm. Om is also called Pranava, which means “it infiltrates life and run though our breath”. In Buddhism, Om is believed to be the first sound when the univers was first created. Today Om is often practiced as a part of yoga. It is believed that the person can get protection from all Gods by wearing the Om jewelry piece.

ganeshWhat Does Ganesh Mean?
Ganesh is a Hindu God that is depicted with the head of an elephant. Ganesh emerged as a widely worshipped God in the 4th and 5th centuries C.E. It is believed that Ganesh can remove arrogance, narcissism, selfishness, and obstacles. People also believe that Garnesh is a benevolent supernatural being of great intellect and appreciation of sciences and arts. People wearing Ganesh jewelry pieces believed to get this God’s protection.

peace signWhat Does the Peace Sign Mean?
The peace sign, which was first created as a symbol for the Direct Action Committe Against Nuclear War by British artist Gerald Holtom in 1958, symbolizes universal peace. The two lines on the bottom of the peace sign represents two flgas held at 45 degree angle, which means the letter “N”. The straight line in the middle of the peace sign represents the letter D(disarmament). The peace sign became a very popular symbol of peace movement in the United States in 1960s. It was widely spreaded during the Vietnam War and now the peace sign is an internationally known symbol for peace among all people.

heartWhat Is the Heart Symbol Origin?
The heart symbol is a mostly common tatto for love, affection and caring. The heart symbol dates back to the mid 13th century and it was first found in a manuscript. According to history records, the heart shape symbol became more frequently used symbol for love by the end of the Middle Ages. The heart with an arrow in the center means a captured heart and the arrow is believed to be the cupid’s arrow. A heart that is broken into two pieces means separate or a broken heart. In 1977, the heart shaped was created in the “I Love NY” slogan in New York and it gained its popularity quickly and universally since then. The heart is mostly used symbol in wedding jewelry designs because of its love meaing.

hamsa handWhat Does The Hamas Hand Mean?
The Hamsa Hand is also called the Hand of Fatima. It is very popular in Muslim and Jewish communities. Jewish call the symbol the Hamsa Hand or the Hand of Miriam, while Muslims call it the Hand of Fatima or the Khamsa. Both Hamsa and Khamsa mean word five, but Hamsa is Herew language, while Khamsa is Arabic word. In all faiths, it is a protective sign and used as amulet for people. It is believed the holder can get happiness, health, luck and good fortune.

the evil eyeWhat Does the Evil Eye Mean?
The evil eye is an amulet which is believed to provide protection again evil powers. The evil eye symbol is very popular and has its meanings in almost every country in the world. It is believed that the evil eye is a look given to inflict suffering, harm or bad luck that it is cast upon. In many cultures, people believed that exacessive praise or admiration can bring upon scorn of the evil eye and thus cause physical illness. But wearing the evil eye as amulet can protect the person against from evil powers. The evil eye gains its popularity in jewelry design today and can be seen on many movie stars as a stylish fashion statement.

tree of lifeWhat is the Tree of Life Meaning?
The Tree of Life is sign of many-branched tree which represents the interconnectedness of all life on earth. The Tree of Life means that all life on our planet is related with each other and we all have the same root. The family tree design is a similar understanding of the Tree of Life and personalized family tree jewelry pieces with names and birthstones are very popular in modern world.

crossWhat is the Definition for Cross?
The Cross is a common symbol for Christianity. Wearing a cross is believed to proect the person from the winds of misfortune. The cross also symbolizes Jesus’ salvation to the world. In Western Culture, there are many meanings of the cross. Some people believe that all four physical elements, which are fire, water, air and earth, make up the cross. Others believe that the cross symbolizes north, south, west and east.

star of davidWhat Is the Star of David?
The Star of David is a symbol associated with the Jewish people for centuries. The Star of David means “Shield of David”, which is also called the Magen David in Hebrew. The six sided symbol represents that God rules over the universe and protects us from six directions: Up and Down, North and South, East and West. There are many legends about Star of David origin. One legend goes that King David won a battle against his enemy and his shield had the two interlocking trangles on it, then it became known as the “Shield of David”. Another legend is that God represents to the shield who gave King David his devine protection. The Star of David symbol is very popular among jewish people, which not only represents their religion, but also a symbol of the Jews’ homeland.

infinityWhat Does Infinity Mean?
The word “infinity” is derived from a Latin word “infinitas”, which means boundless and etenal. The infinity symbol was first created by an English mathematician in 17th century, John Wallis. He introduced the symbol when he was looking for a shape which can signify the mathematical concept of a quantity larger than any number. The infinity symbol resembles the number weight in resting style, but the spiritual meaning has nothing to do with the numeral. The infinity means something eternal, everlasting and boundless. Nowadays, it is very popuplar to express love and care. The infinity jewelry pieces have increased in popularity due to the symbol’s elegance and meaning.

Infinity Symbol Meaning

Jewelry pieces incorporating the infinity design have increased in popularity due to the symbol’s elegance and beauty. The infinity symbol appears like the number eight resting on its side, but the spiritual meaning and significance of this ancient symbol has nothing to do with the numeral. The infinity symbol is multifaceted in meaning, which makes it so unique. To some, the infinity symbolizes everlasting love and eternity. Others feel drawn to the infinity because in ancient times it symbolized perfection, empowerment and duality.

infinity symbol

The Mathematical Concept of Infinity

John Wallis, an English mathematician back in the 17th Century, originally introduced the infinity symbol, which is so popular today. This simple shape and image, was originally called the Lemniscate by ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians, which meant “ribbon.” Wallis resurrected this symbol when he was looking for a shape to signify the mathematical concept of a quantity larger than any number or infinity. The word “infinity” is derived from “infinitas”, which means “boundlessness” in Latin. 

infinity tatoo

Infinity in Various Cultures

Throughout the centuries and in different cultures the infinity symbol has been used to signify different ideas and concepts. In the ancient cultures of India and Tibet, the symbol represented dualism, perfection, and the equality of men and women. In the Tarot, a form of the occult, the infinity symbol is displayed on the Magician card to represent the balance or equilibrium of surrounding forces. The symbol also appears quite often in a variety of knot designs used by the mystical Celtics. Celtic knots have no beginning or end, just like the infinity symbol.

infinity necklace

Why theInfinity Design is So Popular Infinity jewelry conveys the meaning of forever. Because the symbol has no beginning or end and can be drawn in a single continuous movement, the infinity symbol represents infinite possibilities with no limitations. Although the concept of forever or infinity cannot be truly comprehended, it signifies the desire or wish for something, like love, to be everlasting. Because of this, many couples choose this design to symbolize their love and commitment, some even have the infinity symbol tattooed on their skin. Because the infinity symbol is so closely associated with love and even friendship, this makes infinity jewelry the ideal gift for lovers to bestow on one another and for someone to give a best friend.

gold infinity necklace with 2 names   rose gold infinity necklace with 4 names and 4 birthstones   vertical infinity necklace with name in silver

Infinity Symbol Necklaces sold at

The Infinity symbol looks wonderful when designed into earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. You can find a wonderful collection of jewelry incorporating the infinity symbol at GetPersonalizedJewelry, which can even be personalized to fit your needs. Now that you understand the deeper meaning of the infinity symbol, you can look for the perfect piece of infinity necklace to give someone very special to you.

The Evil Eye Symbol Meaning

The Evil Eye is one of the most popular symbolic images throughout the world, and it is also very hot in jewelry items. The evil eye dates back to ancient Greece and Rome in almost 3,000 years ago. According to legends, wearing an evil eye as an amulet can protect the owner from evil powers. The evil eye has symbolism meaning in almost every cultures in the world, such as Hindu, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism.

the evil eyeThe evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by evil powers to a person and it will bring bad luck when one is unaware. In many cultures and religions, it is believed that receiving the evil eye will bring bad luck, harm, suffering or injury. Belief in the evil eye is the strongest in West Asia, Easter and West Africa, Latin America and Central Asia, especially the mediterranean countries.

The evil eye symbol still has its power on moder life, home decoration, pop culture, jewelry, and designs. In Turkey, the evil eye is with every day life and used commonly throughout the whole culture. Wearing an evil eye pendant is said to perceive to attract ill-will, greed, envy, or hatred. You can even found evil symbol on currencies, evil eye paiting on walls and even buildings in most Western Asian countries.

The evil eye jewelry is very popular in modern cultures. In recent years, many celebrities have been photograpphed wearing evil eye jewelry pieces, such as Madonna, Olsen Twins, Britney Spears, and Nicole Richie, just to name a few. Some celebrities even told the media that the evil eye bracelet or necklace can help her or him against the evil eye. Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Linday Lohan, Rhianna were also seen wearing their evil eye amulet in public. Obviously, this stylish and iconic image of Evil Eye has increased a lot in popularity.


The Hamsa Hand Meaning

When looking for lucky symbols, are you confused about The Hamsa Hand and the Hand of Fatima? When crafting personalized Hamsa necklaces, i have always been asked “what does Hamsa mean? what’s the difference with the Hand of Fatima? What is Fatima?“. I have decided to write a blog post to help you understand the meaning, origin, differece and symbolism of The Hamsa Hand and The Hand of Fatima.


the hamas handThe Hasma Hand and The Hand of Fatima is actually the exactly same symbol. It is very common and important in both Jewish and Muslim communities. Jewish call the symbol the Hamsa Hand or the Hand of Miriam, while Muslims call it the Hand of Fatima or the Khamsa. Both Hamsa and Khamsa mean word five, but Hamsa is Herew language, while Khamsa is Arabic word.


Origin of the Hamsa Hand
It is believed that the Hamsa Hand has the power to protect one from the evil eye and brings good luck, and happiness to the symbol holder. The Hamsa Hand has a various different spellings which are Hamsa, Khamsa, Chamsa, and Hamesh. The Hand of Fatima symbol is thought to symbolize “The Five Books of Moses“, which are: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The first book Genesis tells the story of the creation of the world, while the bookd Deuteronomy ends with Moses dying in the land of Moab. Sometimes, the symbol is also called ” The Hand of Miriam“. Miriam, according to the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament, was the only daughter of Amram and Jochebed, and the elder sister of Moses by six years and Aaron by three years. Moses led the Israelities out of Egypt and Aaron became the first high priest. Miriam played an important role during Moses times and she was highly respected then. She was a prophet and first appears in the Book of Exodus. According to legends, it was due to Miriam’s virtues that the Israelites could always find water during forty-years of wandering on the desert. And the well that always followed the people of Israel is called Miriam’s well. So Miriam became to represent protection, good luck and happiness.


Fish on The Hamsa Hand
Fish drawing is commonly decorated on the Hamsa Hand and it is a traditionally symbol of good luck. It is thought that fish lives in the water and it is completely immune to the powers of the evil eye, therefore, the fish symbol on the Hamsa Hand strengthens the protection from evil eye.


Eye on The Hamsa Hand
Many times the Hamsa Hand is decorated with eye drawing. It means the eye can see everything and nothing escapes from this eye. The eye in possession of the Hamsa watches out for the person, warns about the evil things and protect the symbol holder.


Tthe hand of fatimahe Hamas Hand has various different spellings, such as Hamsa, Khamsa, Hamesh, and Chamsa. There are two main styles of The Hamas Hand. One is shaped like a regular hand, while the other decorated with two symmetical thumbs on each finger. The later is the most popular throughout the world. The Hamsa Hand can be worn facing up or down and it is believed to protect the owner from The Evil Eye, also called “Ayin Ha’ra“. Nowadays people believe that wearing the Hamas Hand can bring success, good luck, harmony and happiness.


Depending on different cutures, the interpretation of the Hamsa Hand varies. The word “hamsa” means the five fingers on the hand. The number 5 is “hamesh” in Herew, while the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is “Hey“. “Hey” is one of God’s holy names. The word ” Hamesh” represents the five books of the Torah. In jewish communities, it is also called “five books of Miriam“. Therefor, it is also interpreted to be the Hand of Miriam and it is a symbolic of five senses in an effort to praise God.


In Arabic community, it is Khamesh. According to Sunni culture, the hamsa is associated with the Five Pillas of Islam; While for the Shi’tes, it represents the Five People of the Cloak. In Muslim faith, the symbol represents The Hand of Fatima,the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed.


the hamas hand necklace with initialThe Hamsa Hand symbol is often worn as a pendant necklace, a charm for bracelet, a key chain pendant. It is also a fashion to hang pictures of the Hamsa Hand/ The Hand of Fatima on the wall in homes for protection and good blessings. A decoration of the Hamsa Hand on the baby carriage is believed to protect the baby from the evil things. The Hand of Fatima is widely used for jewelry items, more and more people are seen wearing the Hamas Hand or the Hand of Fatima as amulets. The Hamas Hand jewelry items are also very popular throughout the world because of its good meaning and symbolism. Giving someone a hamas hand necklace personalized with his or her own names or initials would be a great idea for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Wedding and more occasions.

Tree of Life Meaning

tree of life

People who have special interests in inspirational and symbolic jewelry should rather consider the tree of life necklace which is a symbol appearing in the folklore of various cultures having ties with both metaphysics and religion. Today, the tree of life has become a very common theme for spiritual, symbolic and fashion jewelry.

Tree of Life Symbolism and Jewelry

Known as an ancient symbol which has cut across cultures and religions for thousands of years, the tree of life is a symbol wisdom, knowledge and interconnection of all life. In places like ancient Egypt, artwork and jewelry had the tree of life displayed on them.

Egyptian Mythology and Jewelry

In ancient Egypt, there was a belief that the tree of life had a connection with the god Orisis, who was associated with fertility and death. The trunk was seen as the center of the universe with the roots leading to the underworld while the branches led to the heavens.


 tree of life 


Celtic Lore and Jewelry

Many years ago, the tree of life viewed by the Celts as a figure that holds all life; the roots reaching the underworld, branches stretching towards heaven and trunk resting on the earth. Celtic Druids viewed the tree as a doorway between the human world and spirit world, giving the gods the ability to communicate with their people.


The Celtic tree of life pendants is the most common with the pendant and necklace including detailed engravings of trees with abundant leaves reaching towards the sky, a broad trunk with roots firmly buried deep down into the earth. A cross is included in the tree trunk in Celtic designs while Neopagan style pendants may have a green man or the image of a woman engraved in the trunk representing the goddess.


 tree of life pendant


Chinese Folklore and Jewelry

This describes a mystical tree of life bearing fruits once every 3000 years and anybody who ate the fruit becomes immortal. The designs depicting the Chinese folklore show a tree with fruits in abundance with some pendants having symbols like yin and yang.


 tree of life necklace


Christian Biblical References and Jewelry

The Bible of the Judeo-Christian tradition describes a tree of life found in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the were cast out of the garden by God before could go to eat from the tree of life, which was supposed to make them live forever. Jewelry for the Christian tree of life ranges from simple engravings of a tree that has roots to trees that are heavily foliaged having fruits directed to the heavens and roots going into the earth. 


 tree of life jewelry

Jewish Kabbalah Teachings and Jewelry

In Jewish Kabbalah teaching, the tree of life is very prominent and is described in the Sefer Yetzire (Book of Creation), explaining creation in a precise set of letters of the Hebrew alphabet and numbers forming the “32 paths of secret wisdom.” Pendants inspired are usually based on sacred geometry concepts symbolizing joy and unity.


birthstone tree of life


African Baobab Tree and Jewelry

The baobab, grown in Africa for centuries, is referred to as the “tree of life”. There’s a Senegalese legend claiming that the baobab tree was thrown by the god Thora out of his paradise garden and it landed on earth upside down and grew. It is referred to as “tree of life” because it can store up to 4,500 liters of water in its trunk and bear fruit that has an abundance of antioxidants, calcium and vitamin C, and is used as a herbal remedy. The trunk can shelter as many as 40 people. Pendant designs are simple engraved images of baobab trees while elaborate designs have baobab trees with gemstones.

 engraved tree of life necklace

Popularity of the Tree of Life Necklaces

The tree of life is very important because of its history and meanings with its mass appeal making it a trend for jewelry. The most popular forms are necklaces and pendants with designs ranging from engravings of a tree on metal to sculpted metal tree. There are several pieces which come in yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver and other forms.

The theme of the tree of life will continue being common due to its diverse audience. The following is some picture of tree of life necklace.