Mesmerizing Elegant Silver Jewelry

When choosing jewelry, silver is definitely one of the materials you need to consider. However, none of these factors is as important as the design. With a wide array of designs, it’s easy to lose track. However, take a minute to consider the following jewellery designs and designers when going on your next online fashion shopping spree:

Personalized Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace

Monogram necklace is definitely beautiful. From the design to the aesthetic, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to pull off a beautiful look with this any day. The fact that it is made from Sterling Silver is definitely a plus, and it fits basically everything; Vans shoes, office wear, etc.

Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace

The Infinity necklace is stunning. It is made from the ubiquitous Sterling Silver, and it has a major pendant that is in the infinity shape. It’s stylish, portable, and very alluring, and it is capable of performing the usual function of jewelry; providing a nice twist to your whole fashion ensemble.

Engraved Infinity Love Bracelet

This bracelet is aesthetically pleasing and highly functions. With enough space on the infinity pendant for you to easily engrave the name of the recipient, you can rest assured that this piece of jewelry is a perfect gift for that special person in your life.

Vanessa Mooney

Vanessa Mooney is a different type of jewelry designer. This brand exists like a muse, especially as it is able to draw influence from a wide array of sources and areas. The label provided jewelry that is imaginative, intricate, and even handcrafted. His, lovers will definitely appreciate this one.


ManiaMania provides jewelry that is designed with a moody and highly engaging concept that has been described as a mystical adornment that is worthy of modern times. When it comes to accessory labels, ManiaMania is one of the most talked about labels, and the quality with which they make their designs speaks volumes for why this is so. If you’ll love jewelry that is a story to tell, this is the choice for you.

Lili Claspe

When it comes to jewelry, Lili Claspe is a designer that makes jewelry that will have you smitten within an instant. The gorgeous designs are matched by awe-inspiring imagery, and that definitely serves to help their case.

Flash Jewelry

Flash jewelry is all about making awesome refinements. These people make jewelry that is beautiful, with a hint of rebellion. Bold and stylish, you can tell that these jewelry are designed for the strong and daring.

Sterling Silver Infinity Name Earrings

Personalized jewelry is something that we all love to have. This is what makes this piece of jewelry so appealing. Designed with Sterling Silver in the infinity shape, you can etch your name on this jewelry piece to give it more of an ownership feeling.

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Infinity Symbol Meaning

Jewelry pieces incorporating the infinity design have increased in popularity due to the symbol’s elegance and beauty. The infinity symbol appears like the number eight resting on its side, but the spiritual meaning and significance of this ancient symbol has nothing to do with the numeral. The infinity symbol is multifaceted in meaning, which makes it so unique. To some, the infinity symbolizes everlasting love and eternity. Others feel drawn to the infinity because in ancient times it symbolized perfection, empowerment and duality.

infinity symbol

The Mathematical Concept of Infinity

John Wallis, an English mathematician back in the 17th Century, originally introduced the infinity symbol, which is so popular today. This simple shape and image, was originally called the Lemniscate by ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians, which meant “ribbon.” Wallis resurrected this symbol when he was looking for a shape to signify the mathematical concept of a quantity larger than any number or infinity. The word “infinity” is derived from “infinitas”, which means “boundlessness” in Latin. 

infinity tatoo

Infinity in Various Cultures

Throughout the centuries and in different cultures the infinity symbol has been used to signify different ideas and concepts. In the ancient cultures of India and Tibet, the symbol represented dualism, perfection, and the equality of men and women. In the Tarot, a form of the occult, the infinity symbol is displayed on the Magician card to represent the balance or equilibrium of surrounding forces. The symbol also appears quite often in a variety of knot designs used by the mystical Celtics. Celtic knots have no beginning or end, just like the infinity symbol.

infinity necklace

Why theInfinity Design is So Popular Infinity jewelry conveys the meaning of forever. Because the symbol has no beginning or end and can be drawn in a single continuous movement, the infinity symbol represents infinite possibilities with no limitations. Although the concept of forever or infinity cannot be truly comprehended, it signifies the desire or wish for something, like love, to be everlasting. Because of this, many couples choose this design to symbolize their love and commitment, some even have the infinity symbol tattooed on their skin. Because the infinity symbol is so closely associated with love and even friendship, this makes infinity jewelry the ideal gift for lovers to bestow on one another and for someone to give a best friend.

gold infinity necklace with 2 names   rose gold infinity necklace with 4 names and 4 birthstones   vertical infinity necklace with name in silver

Infinity Symbol Necklaces sold at

The Infinity symbol looks wonderful when designed into earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. You can find a wonderful collection of jewelry incorporating the infinity symbol at GetPersonalizedJewelry, which can even be personalized to fit your needs. Now that you understand the deeper meaning of the infinity symbol, you can look for the perfect piece of infinity necklace to give someone very special to you.

Personalized Sterling Silver Cuff Makes Great Gift for Couples

This silver cuff bracelet is made from the most exquisite quality silver material. It is a hammered silver cuff bracelet, which further accentuates its feel and beauty. Just like all other products on our website, this sterling silver cuff bracelet can be personalized as well.

It is crafted out of S990 sterling silver, which is well known to be one of the purest forms of silver available. As far as the personalization is concerned, there are several things you can choose from to have engraved on this bracelet. The list includes any name, dates, symbols, or words.

The most fascinating thing about this product is that it can also be purchased as a couple’s bracelet or love bracelet. You simply have to buy two cuffs and provide the instructions that you want to get on each of them. This is definitely ideal if you wish to engrave any specific date or symbol, or even names of you and your loved one on the cuffs.

The significance of this hammered silver cuff bracelet can certainly be estimated by the fact that the sterling silver it has been manufactured out of is one of the most delicate materials used for craftsmanship with supreme precision. As such, needless to say, it is a highly invaluable gift that you can give to yourself or a close one.

Similar to every other personalized jewelry item available for purchase on, this silver cuff bracelet is priced at a considerably affordable rate to make sure you don’t have to break the bank if you wish to purchase.

If you aren’t sure as to what you would like to have engraved on the bracelet, you can always get in touch with us and we’ll give you plenty of ideas for engravings to choose from.

Engrave your anniversary date, birthday, name, star signs on a silver cuff, personalized!