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Necklace Chain Types

When buying a necklace or bracelet, you usually come across a question “what is this chain type?” Do not worry, today we are going to show you the most common chain types in this post.

Chains have been an important jewelry accessory since very ancient time. In early times, humans craft metals intol decorative chains to wear on neck, wrist or ankle. As times goes by, jewelry making technology advanced and there are many different types of chains were created. Today, let us take a look at some of the most popular ones!

Rollo Chain

rollo chain
Rollo chain, sometimes spells as rolo chain, is one of the most popular chain type for pendant necklace worldwide. A rollo chain uses symmetrical links which are joined together to creat a chain. Rollo chains are sturdy to hang pendants and charms. The rollo chain offers a polish, simple look which requires little decoration. Here at GetPersonalizedJewelry, we have sterling silver rollo chain, 18k gold plated rollo chain and solid 14k gold rollo chain. The rollo chains are not sold separately on our site.

Box Chain

box chain
As the name suggests, box chain looks like a continuing link of small boxes. A box chain utilizes small square links connected to create a smooth chain. Box chain is also called Venetian Chain. This type of chain is so durable and versatile that they are most commonly used for pendant necklaces. A big venetian chain is also very popular to wear alone without any decoration or pendant charms.

Twist Chain

The twist chain is a variation of Rope Chain which consists of long oval links joint together to create a twisted rope. The woven look of a twist chain makes it look solid, sparkling and strong. The biggest disadvantage of a twist chain is that it might clip your hair.

Figaro Chain

figaro chain
Figaro chain is very popular in men’s jewelry necklace. A figaro chain uses alternating small circular links and large rectangular links connected to created an elaborate design. Usually men wear figaro chain alone on neck or wrist without charm or pendant. Women’s figaro chains are usually more dedicate and slender than men’s figro chain. Gold figaro chains are the most popular among women and men. Most jewelers use figaro chain for necklace without pendant or as bracelet.

Bead Chain

Bead chain is also called ball chain, which consists of continuing small balls connected to each other to create a chain. Bead chain is perfect for pendant because it makes the pendant sit at a fixed place. Bead chains can not be folded, otherwise, it can be broken.


Every piece from GetPersonalizedJewelry is made of precious metal and should be treated with care. Jewelries, even the most precious pure platinum and 24k gold, all requires basic care. In order to help you keep your personalized jewelry good and new, here are some tips for you. These tips are applicable to sterling silver, solid 18k gold as well as 14k gold. No matter you are searching for caring methods for bracelet, necklace, earrings or rings, you can follow the instructions here.

Daily Wear
1. Girls need to know that we should make up first and then wear the jewelry and other accessories. Cosmetics, hairspray and lotions have chemicals which can tarnish or even harm the precious jewelry metal. In order to keep your jewelry looking its best and new, you’d better put it on after having done your hair and makeup.

2. As we mention above, cosmetics have chemicals which can harm or tarnish the precious metal, so you’d better take the jewelry off when you are cleaning.

3. Do not wear the jewelry when you are swimming, showering, bathing, go jogging and other sports which might make you sweat much. There are chemicals in the pool and the soap or shampoo can also tarnish your jewelry. Too much heat and sweat can make your jewelry tarnish.

4. Evey piece of our personalized jewelry will be attached with a polishing cloth, please clean your jewelry when you take it off. If you wear with care and clean it everyday, your personalized jewelry will look new and shinning for a life long.

Storing the Jewelry
Proper storing will do wonders for keeping your jewelry looking new. We will give a pouch and jewelry box for every piece of jewelry, please keep your personalized jewelry separately in a box where it will not get tangled up with other accessories. If you do not want to wear a jewelry for a long time, you need to clean it and put it in a zip-lock bag. Zip-lock bags fold easily and can be placed easily between clothing items to provide the softness necessary to keep jewelry from developing kinks and rings from being chipped.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care
Sterling silver can be easily tarnished when exposing in air, so silver jewelry deserves extra special care. Clean the silver jewelry with an anti-tarnish cloth after each use and store it in closed jewelry box or pouch.

Solid Gold Jewelry and Gold Plated Jewelry Care
All jewelry can eventually tarnish, but your best care can make it new for a very long time. We recommend that you give your solid gold or gold plated jewelry a quick clean at every day use. We will give you the soft cleaning cloth to remove oils, sweats, fingerprints or dust that have accumulated from daily wear. And we highly recommend you to do a deep clean for the jewelry once a week. What is deep clean? Here you go: use a cup of warm water with mild liquid soap and let your jewelry piece soak for 2 minutes. Clean and try your jewelry with the soft cloth.

A piece of personalized jewelry with your initials, monograms or nameplate makes the meaningful item and unique gift for all. So treat it with care and it will last for a lifetime or becomes an estate jewelry.

How to Find My Ring Size

When buying a ring, you are confused about the ring size? Here is a tip for you to find out your ring size. It only takes fiver steps to calculate your exact ring size. The things you need are: a strip of paper, a pen, and a ruler.

Step 1. Cut a strip of paper around 8 inches (20.3cm) long and about 0.5 inch (1.27cm) wide.

Step 2. Wrap the paper strip around the widest place of the finger where you would put the ring on.

Step 3. Use a pen or pencil to mark the paper at the place where it overlap.

Step 4. Use your ruler to measure the edge of the paper up to the line you just marked. Please note, measure up to the nearest millimeter.

Step 5. Use the lenth you just calculated and the following handy chart to find out your ring size.


Now you have fount out your ring size, look back for some personalized rings today!


How to Choose My Bracelet Chain Length?

For cuff bracelet: usually the jeweler will make the cuff average bracelet size and then it can be adjusted to any adult wrist size.

For bangle bracelet: sometimes jewelers make adjustable bangle, which means the bangle can be adjusted to most women’s wrist size. For normal bangle and bracelet, you need to measure your wrist size and choose the most relevant bracelet length.

How to Measure My Wrist Size?

measure wrist size

Method one:
In order to find your wrist size, please use either of the above methods in the picture. Both measurement methods above will provide you with a correct measurement of your wrist. Measure your wrist size with a flexible tape measure below your wrist bone where you normally wear the bracelet.

Method two:
Wrap a plain thin strip of paper or thread around your wrist below your wrist bone. Mark the point where the paper overlaps on your wrist. Then measure the strip of paper or thread with a ruler. That would be your wrist size!

What If the Bracelet with a Charm?
How to choose the chain length if the bracelet has a charm? Usually the chain length on jewelry websites does not include the charm size. The perfect chain length should be your wrist size minus the pendant width. At GetPersonalizedJewelry.com, we have marked every bracelet pendant/charm length, width and height. You can choose the desired chain length at the option box. Please note that the chain length DOES NOT include the pendant size.

Here is an example: Your wrist size is 7.5″ and the charm width is 1″. Then your perfect chain length should be 6.5″.

What if i am afraid the chain length might be a little bit long or short?

Do not worry, we also offer you to choose an adjustable bracelet chain which is 6.5″ + 2″ extender. This adjustable chain fits all women wrist size from 6.5″ to 8.5″.

Everything clear, shop a personalized monogram bracelet or customize name bracelet now!

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how to choose necklace chain

How long should my necklace chain be?
Sometimes you wear a turtleneck sweater, sometimes you wear sexy dress and you need the chain length to adjust with your outfit. So you need to know what length chain fits your usually outfit. The necklace chain determines where on your body the pendant sits, so you need to choose the length that is right for you.

Our necklace chains arranges from 14″ to 32″ long, which means your pendant drops from high up on your collarbone to your lower chest. We also have adjustable chain which can be adjusted from 14″ to 20″, which fits most of your daily outfits.

For regular necklace chain length, you need to first decide where you would like your pendant sits. Once you have decided the pendant place, take a long piece of string and loop around your necklace. Close the string at the point on your chest where you would like the pendant to sit. Open the string and measure its length, that should be your chain length!

how to measure chain

Step 1: Choose where the pendant sits
Step 2: Use a string to loop your necklace and close at the place where you want the pendant sits.
Step 3: Measure the string. String length should be your chain length.

Please note the chain length you got should not include the pendant size. On our website as well as most jewelry sites, the chain lengths mentioned do not include the pendant size. Most of our pendants length is from 0.5 inch to 3 inch(which will be marked on the product page), so the total length of your personalized jewelry item will be the length of your selected chain length plus the pendant length.

For example,if you choose a pendant which is 2 inch long and a 16 in chain, it means the total length of the necklace should be 18 inch.
chain length   how to choose necklace chain

how to choose necklace chain
how to choose necklace chain