10 Trendy and Stylish Ring Designs that would make you Memorize Special Events

Over the years, ladies are known to always have something attached to their bodies which are believed to make them look attractive. Historical figures showcased in museums are always molded with ornaments seen around beautiful parts of the body. Most times, ancient jewels are kept in the museum as historical artifacts so people can see and relate to one thing or the other. In actual fact, an ancient family ornament can worth millions especially if its owned by a royal family. Here, the owner may decide to auction and make a huge profit from the sale.

Just as the world began to develop, technological changes were not only evident but little things that have become a necessary part of people’s lives or needs that have to be fulfilled are also evident and significant. In this age, there is a way we attach importance to what we wear. Amy Cuddy on her talk show once said: “our bodies can change our minds and our minds can change our behavior and our behavior can change our outcome”. Apart from the beauty seen, there is a showcase of class, elegance, and confidence when accessories like rings are worn. Rings are not only bought, worn or given to necessarily confess one’s feelings, it could be to encourage a friend, or bought as an adornment to what is worn. It actually gives a finishing touch to a perfect look.

To produce the most attractive look ever, below are stylish and trendy ring designs you can get.

1.Fully wrapped finger rings: These kinds are fully wrapped around the fingers. It gets really trendy during special occasions like Halloween. Every lady wants to get this kind of ring during this period as it gives an extraordinary and interesting highlight to your style.

2. Just like standard rings, wrap rings are rings worn in ways that a part is cut out. It is worn in such a way that the ring hugs the finger. Even when this ring is worn on a casual wear, it still gives you a classy look.

3. Rhinestone rings can give one a royalty look. If you wear a sweet straight gown, a rhinestone ring will relate with the gown and make you look much more than what you would have if you were not wearing one.

4. Gemstone Fashion rings give every lady a cool and approachable look. Gemstone rings can go on any dress, be it casual or corporate.

5.Handmade minimalist leaf ring is a classy ring styled in shape of a leaf. It is very tiny and can be used for different kind of occasion. The interesting thing about the leaf ring is that it can be used with other rings.

6. Engraved rings with personalized symbols are also trendy. Especially when it comes as a gift, it gives one an inspiring look. It can be worn on beachy wears, at festivals, and romantic events.

7.Patterned rings can be delicate and can easily give people nice perceptions about you. It makes you look unpredictable yet attractive. Patterned rings are good for cocktails.

8.Rings with pearl designs are timeless, and easy to put together. To make your pearl ring look the best, you can wear a pant trouser, crop top with a fedora hat. Desi Antari makes excellent pearl ring designs. The latest one is the sparkling starfish ring. It is designed with sterling silver and has a similar shape to the edible starfish.

9. Another trendy yet stylish ring is the chain handpiece. This kind of ring is such that its use, fills every part of your hands and draws attention to you. For AccessorieAtelier, the ring is14cm to the wrist with an extension. Accessoriesatelier makes hand chainrings with materials like gold, brass chain and rhinestones.

10. Elongated rings design is the best for business-oriented ladies. The simple designs used on this kind of rings give ladies a boss-like feeling as well as a go-getter.

Adornment is a way of life. The things we wear and how we look send signals to people as well as our consciousness. Put finishing touches to your looks by adorning yourself with the right accessories.

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